Gift Shop

Be sure to stop by the Hansel & Gretel Learning Cottage during your trip to Bookworm Gardens. Shop hundreds of unique books, educational toys, and gifts for learners of all ages at the Bookworm Gardens Gift Shop. Your purchase supports Bookworm Garden's mission and allows us to continue to offer stellar programs and maintain our growing gardens.

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Take a piece of Bookworm Home

Bookworm Gardens is inspired by over 65 different children's books, most of which we have available for sale in the gift shop! Purchase a piece of Bookworm Gardens to take home to family and friends, and carry with you the memories of your garden experience! Proceeds from every book sold benefit the Gardens.


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Don't worry, adults! We've got plenty to offer you as well. Buy a book for your bookshelf, take home a piece of botanic-inspired jewelry, or nab one of these special Bookworm Gardens coffee mugs! Interested in saving 10% on your purchase. Check out the benefits of garden membership here.