Photos by Kelly Anderson

Photos by Kelly Anderson

Literature Residency - LitAIR

A residency at Bookworm

Residents will explore and examine the intersection of children’s literature and garden spaces at Bookworm Gardens through the development and implementation of site specific educational programming. Artists and/or educators will work independently and also in close collaboration will staff, volunteers and a variety of learners on programs(s), expanding their practice beyond the studio or traditional classroom environment.

Residency ConDitions

LitAIR Discipline and Media

  • Creative Writing/ Literature
  • Education
  • Illustration
  • Non-traditional storytelling
  • Performing Arts
  • Music
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Animation    

Residency Conditions - Duration
Artist are expected to spend 120 hours in the garden throughout the 6 month season.

Bookworm Gardens is a 3.5 acre botanical garden themed around children’s literature. The Garden sees upwards of 60,000+ visitors each season.

Other Activities Happening at the Space
Day to day garden and facilities maintenance. Education related activities such as field trips, tours, and camps. Community and volunteer experiences. Events and rentals.

Type and Size of Work Space
Artist will have access to the entire garden to serve as both teaching and exhibition space. There is no indoor exhibition space available.

Tools and Equipment Available
Limited tools and equipment will be available. Artist will be expected to supply the majority of the tools required to complete proposed project.

Number of Residents
One resident per program. Collectives and other collaborative iterations considered.

Companions Allowed? No.

No accommodations, transportation or food stipends will be supplied to the artist in the 2018 season. 

Expectations for the Artist

  • Donation of artwork/project(s)/curriculum
  • Coordination with staff on no less than two community connecting events, including but not limited to volunteer collaborations, seminars, workshops and classes
  • A minimum of 120 working hours will be spent in the gardens. 40 additional working hours will be funded by Bookworm Garden to support artist’s existing practice.
  • 3 (one per week) video log submissions to Bookworm Gardens staff during duration of residency. Submissions should be no shorter than 2 minutes in length and include documentation of work progress and day to day activities in the garden.
  • Presentation to Bookworm gardens board members, staff and other stakeholders at the culmination of residency. 

Expense Paid by Bookworm Gardens
$4000.00 payment to artist
Cost of materials, not to exceed $2,000

Expenses Paid by Artist

  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Housing

Application Procedure - See application guidelines

Selection Procedure - Committee reviewed

Residency Facilitator - Cate Bayles, Education Manager. Email with questions.