Private Rentals

Would you like a portion of Bookworm Gardens all to yourself?   Let the Secret Garden provide the gorgeous framework for your special event.  This is the perfect venue for your wedding, reception, child's birthday party, anniversary…or just about any reason to throw a party in a lovely botanical garden.

The Secret Garden is a private, outdoor patio surrounded by a brick and stone wall.  Beyond the secret entrance, the multi-level patio is set with 12 round wrought iron tables and chairs that seat a minimum of 48 very comfortably.  The pergola-covered stage is ideal for a ceremony, a guest speaker or additional seating.  There is a lovely outdoor stainless steel island complete with sinks, refrigerators, a freezer, and plenty of electrical outlets.  The area is equipped with lighting for after-dark events along with small white lights on the pergola.  

The Secret Garden maximum capacity is:

  • 72 people seated at 12 tables

  • 72 people seated in rows

  • up to 100 people with 72 chairs and standing room

A full wall of windows with French doors lead into a quaint, cozy reading room in the Hansel and Gretel Learning Cottage.  This private area is a great way to escape the sun and relax in a comfy wooden rocking chair.  The Hansel and Gretel Cottage is the perfect size for a small indoor meeting or gathering.  More information is available here.

Hansel and Gretel reading room maximum capacity:  24 guests with classroom-style seating, OR up to 12 guests seated at tables in board- style seating (3 tables in a U-shape) OR 24 people seated at up to four 6-foot tables with 1-2 more table spaces for food or party items.  Note:  Tables are close together and walking space is limited.  The rental space includes both the outdoor Secret Garden and the indoor reading room.  Rentals are only available “in-season”, May 1 thru October 31.  

You may choose to bring in prepared food or hire a caterer.  Though Bookworm Gardens does not sell food or arrange catering,  slow cookers, warming units, and coffee urns may be brought in for use. There is no access to an oven or a microwave and grills are not allowed. Alcohol is permitted with prior approval from Bookworm Gardens and may be carried in with a mandatory surcharge applied, or wine and beer may be purchased from Bookworm Gardens.

You and your guests are welcome to explore over 70 gardens, based on children’s books, at your leisure.  Please note not all gardens have lighting after dark.  All paths, entrances, and restrooms are handicap accessible; however, please note that the restroom capacity is limited.

For rental options and rates please review the Private Rentals Options Tip Sheet

Additional questions not addressed in the Private Rental Tip Sheet can be directed to Cathy D'Amato at