There is no admission fee to visit the Gardens, but we happily accept donations to help defray our costs. Bookworm Gardens is a 501(c)3 (nonprofit) organization; donations are tax deductible.

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There are many giving options available. You can "fund a foot" of the garden fence, customize an engraved brick or granite book, create your own story totem, or give to our endowment funds.

For more information download our giving guide or contact Elizabeth Wieland, Executive Director.

business Partnerships

Bookworm Gardens relies on the support of generous corporate donors to provide the opportunity for families to visit the gardens regardless of financial capability. We also rely on donations to support  our extensive and innovative programming for children and adults, operational expenses and garden maintenance.

Corporate support is essential for us in order to deliver our mission of enriching the mind, body and spirit of the young and young at heart. 

Collaboration with Bookworm Gardens also provides increased visibility in the community,  demonstrating your support and commitment to the families of Sheboygan County and beyond. We can offer customizable and flexible partnership packages tailored to your specific needs, creating multiple opportunities for brand recognition.

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